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Transformation Tuesday: Part III - Custom Landscape Block

This area of the client's yard was mostly unusable. Railroad ties awkwardly divided this area, with large, 4-6" river rock taking up a large area of what could be functional space! The client did have a brick patio that was nice and in good shape. It was kept in place during the transformation. Everything else, except the plants, needed to go. Once we hauled out the railroad ties, river rock, gravel, and brick pathway (not the brick patio) it was time to add our touch to the yard.

We replaced the railroad ties with landscape blocks to give the yard a custom, high-end look. One of the harder parts of this transformation was to cut the block to fit the brick patio. Although it was tough work, our skilled team got the job done and made sure it looked good!

We also used landscape block to create steps to be able to access each level. The steps were topped with flagstone that is not only hand cut for a custom fit but also hand chiseled for that custom look. The final step in this transformation was to lay weed barrier and spread the 3/8" Pueblo Rose and this transformation was complete!

Keep an eye out for part 4 of this transformation next week!


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