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Tips For Large Properties

Happy March from Desert Rose! In this month's blog, we are going to review tips about keeping a large property (1 acre plus) looking nice. Although it can be difficult (and expensive) to find this much property within the city limits, we have many clients who live in Eldorado and surrounding areas with this amount of land. Completely landscaping an entire property of this size would be excessively expensive, but there are a few ways in which you can keep your yard looking its best for a reasonable amount of money.

To efficiently landscape large yards it is best to separate your property into sections: landscaped vs natural. This can be done using a split rail fence. The split rail fence creates a nice barrier that won't make any part of your yard feel isolated and will create a nice-looking division between your landscaped and natural yard.

Large water features are also nice additions to oversized yards. With a split rail fence, a large water feature will appear more welcoming, and less overwhelming than it would in an enclosed area. Additionally, laying flagstone steps around your property for access is not only functional but aesthetically pleasing.

If you would love the split rail fence, water feature, and flagstone steps but need to wait due to financial reasons, one action you can take to improve the look of your property is to mow it. This not only gives your property a cleaner look but also creates a safer, fire-wise environment. Regular mowings are ideal, but even one mowing in late fall will make a huge difference in how your property looks.

We hope these tips are helpful for those with large properties and keep an eye out for next month's blog, in which we will cover maximizing smaller properties.


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