Question of the Week 10/03/2020

Cooler temperatures out there. Stay warm everyone! Q: Can I damage my plants that are close to the sidewalk by using ice melt? A: Depending on the type of ice melt you plan on using, it is possible that the runoff from the melted ice can damage your plants. We recommend either Melt-Off Ice Melt® or something similar that contains both vegetation protectors and enhancers.

Plant of the Week 10/02/2020

Royal Candles Speedwell Veronica spicata 'Glory' Zone 4-9 Long, blue 'candlestick' shaped flowers top bright green vegetation. With an abundance of flowers through its very long bloom cycle, this compact perennial add beautiful color especially near pathways. Plant in full sun and water regularly. A moderate grower that can reach a little over 1 foot tall and wide. Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies. Blooms from late spring into fall. Dead head to promote blooms. Thrives in average, well-drained soil. Cut down in early winter once all the foliage has browned.

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