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Transformation Tuesday: Barren Front Yard into a Vibrant Oasis

This particular front yard was barren, providing us with ample opportunity to implement something unique. The client desired a sleek yet vibrant yard, so with that in mind, we presented a design, which was subsequently approved.

We then began the transformation by digging a trench for the dry river bed. This helped redirect water from the canal away from the courtyard. Next, we cut and laid a flagstone pathway from the entrance gate to the front door. After the flagstone was in place, we began planting a diverse array of flora, including Creeping Germander, Moonshine Yarrow, Blue Mist Spirea, Penstemon, Sangria Yarrow, Coneflower, Butterfly bushes and a Purple Smoke bush.

The variety of colors, heights, textures and bloom times ensured that the yard would remain stunning throughout the year. The final step of the transformation was spreading River Rock and Pueblo Rose, completing the project. The client was thrilled with the final outcome and took pleasure in their newly landscaped yard.

Thank Santa Fe Community for following our journey for these incredible transformations!


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