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Transformation Tuesday: Front Yard Makeover

We started off by transplanting the weeping spruce tree in the client's backyard. It is hard to tell in the picture, but the ground was sloped (the area near the property line was a lot higher than by the driveway). One way to deal with this slope would be to put a flowerbed, which would add a lot of visual appeal to the area.

The client liked the idea!

We needed to trench where the flowerbed would go - it started at the corner of the garage and ended at the property line, several inches from the sidewalk. We designed the flowerbed to act as a step in order to get to the backyard, so a flagstone pathway would be used in order to access the gate. The landscape blocks were placed in the trench and leveled out.

Once the capstones were cut glued in place, it was time to spread the weed barrier on the lower level. Even though it was a smaller area to install the weed barrier, there needed to be lots of cutting in order to make sure we had a tight fit along the flowerbed. Several wheelbarrows of gravel were brought and spread.

Walk on bark was brought in to contrast with the color and texture of the gravel in order to make the area pop. We wet down the bark and cleaned up the gravel dust and this transformation was complete!


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