Question Of The Week 12/30/2017

This week's question of the week addresses an often confusing industry term: Q: I received an estimate for a raised flower bed that will be 4 blocks high. Length of the flower bed is about 25 feet long. On the quote, the price I was given is for 100 linear feet. Can you explain how that works? A: Well, a lot depends on who is quoting the estimate. Some landscapers quote by the square feet, others by the linear feet. If quoted by linear foot, 1 row is 25 linear feet. If you have the 4 blocks high, each row is 25 linear feet, therefore, your quote will be 100 linear foot. (Please see diagram) I hope this clears up the confusion! Have a question? Email, Facebook Message, Instagram DM or good 'o

Phil's Favorite 12/29/2017

Bowles Periwinkle (Vinca Minor) Zone 4-9 - Plant full sun or full shade. Great groundcover in shade. Blooms late spring/early summer a violet-blue flower with dark green leaves. Deer resistant. Great for covering sloped areas. Works well planted under trees.

Transformation Tuesday 12/26/2017

Back to work with Transformation Tuesday! Typical of most New Mexico homes, this back patio had nothing but dirt, weeds, and shrubs. The clients held quite a few gatherings for friends and needed an area to accommodate all those guests. We decided together to build up the back area about 3 feet to level with the back door. Next, we installed a large flagstone patio with moss rock steps and finished with a nice large water feature. Tons of standing room and dancing space now for all those friends!

Phil's Favorite 12/22/2017

Phil's Favorites! Hardy Yellow Iceplant (Delosperma nubigenum) Zone 4-10 Full sun, plant in rock gardens or as ground cover. Low dense mat of succulent green with Yellow flowers in the spring. Purple/red color in the fall and winter. Does not tolerate foot traffic.

Transformation Tuesday 12/19/2017

This week's Transformation Tuesday: Like most New Mexico landscapes, this backyard was filled with good old dirt and sand on a severe slope which made it quite unusable other than to stare at. With the client's end goal of entertaining family and guests, we created steps using moss rock and built a flagstone patio with 2" gaps filled with 3/8" Rio Grand Rose Gravel. We also added a raised flower bed to the patio. The end product was a quaint patio that would hold a bistro table overlooking the garden.

Question of The Week 12/16/2017

Brrrrrr! Bundle up as it's cold out there! Question of the week: Q: With the recent cold weather, should I turn off my water feature? A: It depends on a few things. How deep is the holding pond. Is the feature plastic, stone or ceramic? If the holding pond to the water feature is at least 12-18” deep and you don’t mind replenishing the water as it freezes on the feature, leave it on. I like to leave mine on during the winter and let the ice form “sculptures” but mine is stone. I would probably turn it off and drain it if it is made of plastic or ceramic as the ice may cause it to crack.

Phil's Favorite 12/15/2017

Phil’s Favorites: Dwarf Alberta Spruce (Picea glauca Conica) Zone 2-8 - Part to full sun water weekly or more often in extreme heat. Makes for an excellent Christmas tree! Works well in pots under portals Slow growing.

Transformation Tuesday 12/12/2017

This week's Transformation Tuesday! These type of projects are always very fun for us as the client had a large backyard and did not know what to do with it other than the end result being an area of entertainment. We added a large flagstone patio bordered with moss rock and a dry riverbed from the gutter spouts that lead to a holding pond to contain water when it rained. We also added ornamental grasses around the holding pond, a rock garden along the fence with plenty of perennials, a flowerbed next to the house along with fruit and shade trees and vines to grow along the fence. We covered the remainder of the yard with Sunset rose gravel and made a flagstone pathway from the patio to the

Question of The Week 12/09/2017

Question of the week! Q: You mentioned in your December newsletter that if I want to re-plant my live tree outside after Christmas, I need to dig. What do I do if I don't know where my utility lines are or I want to plant it so I can hide my utility boxes? A: Excellent question! Before you dig, you MUST call New Mexico 811 to have your utilities marked. Call 811 at least 2 working days before you dig. Mark the area you where you want the lines located with white flags. They will ask you a few simple questions and notify the appropriate utility companies for you. It is a free service. If you don't call and hit a line, you could be subject to a fine. Don't forget to call, or have us plant it a

Phil's Favorite 12/08/2017

This week's Phil's Favorite; Winter Jasmine (Jasminum nudiflorum) Zone 5-9 Broad mounding shrub with bright yellow flowers before leaves come out. Bright green stems are visible in the winter. First to bloom in late winter/early spring. Looks great cascading over walls or on slopes. Plant in full sun and water weekly.

Transformation Tuesday 12/05/2017

Time for Transformation Tuesday! Our client had a backyard that was very sloped and not very usable in its current state. We started off with terracing the slope for flowerbeds that he could later be used to plant and extended the patio with flagstone and built a gravel border. If you were curious, the gaps between the flagstone are about 2" to create a visible accent. We addressed the drainage by using river rock to create a "dry riverbed" effect.

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