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Transformation Tuesday: Crafting a Dry Riverbed for Perfect Drainage

While this area might not get as much foot traffic, it's still a vital part of the outdoor space.

Our main focus here? Drainage.

We decided to get creative and craft a picturesque dry riverbed, not just functional but stunning too! But we didn't stop there. We wanted every glance out the window to be a delight, so we planted three gorgeous Hick's Yew trees outside each window. Instead of staring at a bland stucco wall, our clients get to enjoy lush greenery all year round. Plus, these versatile evergreens can be shaped to fit any aesthetic preference!

With irrigation systems seamlessly integrated into each plant, maintenance is a breeze. And to put the cherry on top, we spread a layer of gravel, adding the final touch of charm to this rejuvenated space.


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