Transformation Tuesday 01/29/2019

Here's Part II of our four-part series where we take a look at a birds eye's view where you can see the flagstone patio much better. The sunset gravel really accents and plays a great contrast to the color of the flagstone pathway and entertainment area. Come back next week for Part III!

Question of the Week 01/26/2019

Q: Do you guys make raised garden beds? A: Yes, we can create a custom size (length, width, and height) raised garden bed for your gardening needs. We will also fill it with appropriate gardening soil so you can be ready to start your garden in the spring! Have any questions? Give us a shout!

Plant of the Week 01/25/2019

Black Beauty ® Elderberry (Zone 4-7) Sambucus nigra ‘Gerda’ Pretty-petite pink flower clusters explode against the dark purple foliage of this summer stunner! Plant a single specimen as a focal point or plant in a grouping for summer privacy. Black Beauty Elderberry is drought resistant but performs best with regular watering. Needs partial to full sun. Birds are attracted to the berries that appear in the fall. This moderate grower can reach up to 10’ tall but can be trimmed and kept as a smaller perennial if desired.

Transformation Tuesday 01/22/2019

We love working on all types of projects. This one, in particular, will be broken up in a 4 part series. Our client's large backyard was quite sloped and other than the playground area (showcased in a future post) for the grandkids, the rest of the yard was not usable. They wanted a sitting area to take advantage of the view of the beautiful Jemez mountains and make the place a touch more functional. We addressed the slope by terracing the yard. Next, we added a flagstone patio, gravel, and finished off the look with trees, shrubs, and perennials. Come back next Tuesday for Part II!

Question of the Week 01/19/2019

Q: I want to get my yard landscaped in early summer. Should I wait until spring to call? A: Please do not wait to call! During our busy season, we are often scheduling 2-3 months in advance. We highly recommend you call and schedule a consultation as soon as possible so we can set a date for your landscape project before we become fully booked!

Plant of the Week 01/18/2019

Physocarpus opulifolius - Zone 3-8 Beautiful small pink-white flowers cover plum colored foliage in late spring. This mounding, compact shrub can reach 6' tall and 5' wide. Plant in full sun for best color and performance, but can tolerate partial sun. Blooms on old wood so prune after flowering. Petite Plum® Ninebark is adaptable to most soils and requires regular watering for best performance.

Question of the Week 01/12/2019

Q: Should I turn my rock water feature off during the winter months? A: It depends on how the depth of the water reservoir level. If you have a shallow reservoir it may be a good idea to vacuum the reservoir and unplug the water pump to completely protect the pump. If you have a deeper reservoir you may leave it running through the winter. Since the water is constantly moving, it makes it harder to freeze. Desert Rose Landscape owner Phil Madrid often leaves his water feature running through the winter. Curious about a landscaping question? Send them our way!

Plant of the Week 01/11/2019

Francee Plantain Lily (Hosta x 'Francee') Beautiful dark green heart-shaped foliage outlined in white makes this hybrid Hosta stand out from the others. In summer, stalks of purple flowers rise above the mounding foliage to create a picture-perfect plant. Plant in full to partial shade and water regularly for best results. Can grow up to 2' tall and 4' wide. Looks great in containers as well as those hard to fill shaded areas of your yard.

Transformation Tuesday 01/08/2019

Hopefully, everyone is back into a normal routine! These next two weeks will be a two parts series. Our client wanted a more lush, low maintenance xeric look. The original flowerbed was outlined with a metal edging which was not appealing. We swapped it out for a moss rock border, enlarged the flowerbed to include the tree which allowed for more planting area. After adding plants and grasses, we mulched the beds with a red mulch which helps retain moisture and also give the green plants more of a pop! Next week we will show you the side flowerbed. Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Fertilizing During the Winter?! Yes!

It is hard to believe that it is 2019 and that we are one month into winter. Here in Santa Fe, we are experiencing more snow and subzero temperature than we have seen in many years. While your impulse may be to hibernate, it is important to not neglect your outdoors areas during these chilly months. During winter, the last thing on your mind is probably getting outside to fertilize your plants. However, for optimum growth and plant health in spring, winter fertilizing is a must. But this doesn’t mean you should run out to the store and get the first fertilizer you see. Picking the right fertilizer is vital to your vegetation’s health and can be fairly simple as long as you know what to look

Question of the Week 01/05/2019

Q: Do you guys do debris removal? I have a big pile of branches and cactus that I need to be hauled away. A: We do not schedule one-time visits solely for hauling away piles of debris. However, if we are doing a clean up on your property or regularly scheduled maintenance, contact the office ahead of time via e-mail or telephone and talk to Phil. It depends on several factors but we may be able to help.

Plant of the Week 01/04/2019

Bowles' Common Periwinkle (vinca minor 'Bowles') - Zone 4-10 If you are looking for a beautiful groundcover to fill in a shaded area, Bowles' Common Periwinkle is the perfect plant. Violet pinwheel-shaped flowers explode against dark, glossy green leaves. A fast grower that can reach 6 inches tall and spread indefinitely. Plant in full sun to full shade with regular watering and let the plant do the rest. Blooms in late spring through summer. Bowles' Common Periwinkle can be evergreen in some climates and is deer resistant! Have a wonderful Friday!

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