Transformation Tuesday 02/26/19

Here's part II of our series: First, we removed the old square pave stones and exchanged them out for flagstone stepstones leading to the garage. Next, we added a hicks yew next to the irrigation box to help hide it, added some aspen trees along the garage to soften the wall along with some honeysuckle along the coyote fence to finish off. Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Question of the week 02/23/2019

Q: Can you tell me the difference between perennial and annual, evergreen and deciduous? A: To put it simply an annual lives for one growing season (spring and summer) and then dies. A perennial regrows year after year. An evergreen keeps its foliage throughout the year; a deciduous plant/tree will lose all its foliage in the fall. We hope that helps! Send us any questions that come up.

Plant of the week 02/22/2019

Pinus mugo pumilio - Zone 2-8 Dark green pine needles cover dense branches to form this compact growing shrub. This slow growing evergreen can reach up to 5' tall and 10' wide in ten years. However, it can be pruned in early spring to keep the desired size and shape. Plant in full sun and water regularly. Deer resistant and easy to care for, Dwarf Mugo Pine looks great in almost any yard. Tip: Dwarf Mugo Pines are great in pots as well. Plant in spring with colorful annuals to highlight the texture of the pine needles. In late fall remove annuals and leave the Dwarf Mugo Pine as a single specimen or plant holly in the pots for a more festive look. Once the Dwarf Mugo Pine gets too big for th

Transformation Tuesday 02/19/2019

Welcome back to another episode of incredible changes and transformations! This week, we take a look at another 2 part series. This particular home was newly built, and if you have been with us for a while, we sure love a blank slate. With just dirt in the backyard, we decided to add a few trees, finished with gravel, and touched up with park blend sod. In addition, a dry stream with a holding pond was installed to capture any water that came off the canales. Come back next week for part II. Happy Tuesday!

Question of the week 02/16/2019

Q: Should I unplug my irrigation timer during the winter? A: We suggest that you DO NOT unplug it. Leave it as is so that the program is ready to be used in the spring. Keep sending us all your queries!

Plant of the week 02/15/2019

Purple Verbena (Zone 4-8) Glandularia bipinnitfida You may notice this beautiful wildflower growing throughout Santa Fe. Low growing and abundant in purple blooms from spring to summer, this hardy Verbena is cold tolerant down to zone 4. It is a great colorful groundcover that will come back year after year! Plant in full sun and water regularly for best growth, but can survive with minimal water. Purple Verbena can be planted in a variety of soil types and looks great along rock borders.

Transformation Tuesday 02/12/2019

Part 4 - Well, we saved the best for last! As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words and we think our burro in the pic will attest and agree with us. We think the burro is much happier with the new flagstone patio and steps offset by the beautiful gravel and healthy new plants. Happy Tuesday!

Question of the week 02/09/2019

A very common question we get asked often so let's review! Q: Why are there weeds growing in my gravel if it has weed barrier? A: Weed barrier is a thick layer of material that blocks sunlight to prevent weeds from sprouting beneath it. The weeds you are seeing in the gravel are growing above the layer of weed barrier. Seeds from weeds and plants blow around in the wind and often land on gravel. When it rains, the seeds germinate in the small amounts of dirt mixed with the gravel. Weed barrier does still have its benefit in this situation. It prevents the weeds from growing deep roots making the weeds a lot easier to pull out. Questions to ask? Just contact us!

Plant of the week 02/08/2019

Golden Rod (Zone 4-9) Solidago Canadensis Flattened, golden flower tops shine against the thin, long leaves of this stunning perennial. Blooms from mid to late summer. In the fall the spent flower tops fade from gold to an off white. Plant in full sun and water regularly for best growth. Adaptable to most types of soil, Golden Rod can quickly reach 3-5 feet tall.

Transformation Tuesday 02/05/2019

Part III: As we mentioned in Part I of this four-part series, our client's very large back yard had an extremely steep slope. To make the space more usable and safer for the grandkids, we terraced with some flowerbeds. Grandkids safer? ✔️ Usable space? ✔️ Easier maintenance? ✔️ Come back next week for the ending of this project! Happy Tuesday!

Let's Talk About Sunlight!

It is hard to believe that Spring is a little less than two months away! As our days continue to lengthen and we enjoy more sunlit hours, we are going to talk about the importance of plant placement in relation to sunlight requirements in this month’s blog. Plants usually come with a tag or instructions that states the amount of sunlight the plant needs. The sunlight requirements are usually broken down into four categories: - full sun (6+ hours of direct sun) - partial sun (3-6 hours of direct sun) - partial shade (3-6 hours of sun but protection from mid-day sun) - full shade (less than 3 hours of direct sun) Part Shade Full Sun Full Shade

Question of the week 02/02/2019

Question of the week: Q: It looks like my aspen trees are starting to bud out. Is this something I should be concerned about since it is still winter? A: What you are looking at is the bud forming. Although the bud is large, it is still forming and growing. You don’t need to worry about it at all it will open as usual in the spring! Thank you for the question! Keep them coming.

Plant of the week 02/01/2019

Plant of the week: Icee Blue Juniper (Zone 3-9) Juniperus horizontalis ‘Monber’ Silver-blue juniper foliage covers this moderate growing ground cover. Very unique and beautiful. Plant in full sun and well-drained soil, regular watering will help Icee Blue Juniper looks its best. This evergreen can quickly spread 8 feet wide while maintaining a height of 4”. With appropriate spacing, this ground cover can form a carpet of the silver-blue foliage that looks amazing around rock gardens and rock walls.

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