Question of the Week 03/30/19

Q: I have a large juniper that is growing into my sidewalk - can you cut it back 2 feet so it is out of the way? A: Thank you for the great question! The problem with dramatically pruning junipers is that the green foliage you see is only several inches thick. Woody, brown branches are what make up most of the overgrown junipers. We can trim it a few inches and still have it looking nice, but if we take off more than that it will look brown and woody. To be quite honest, it will be an eyesore. If you need the sidewalk clear, we suggest pulling out the juniper and replacing it with a smaller one that will be shaped on a regular schedule to prevent it from overgrowing on the sidewalk

Plant of the Week 03/29/19

Maiden Grass Miscanthus sinesis ‘Gracillimus’ - Zone 4-9 Stalks of feathery reddish-brown seed heads stand tall above the green grass blades. After the first frost, the green grass blades and stalks begin turning a golden-brown that lasts to late winter. Plant in full sun and water regularly. A moderate grower that can read 8’ tall and 5’ wide. Adaptable to most well-drained soils. Cut back in late winter to early spring before new growth appears. Be careful the blades of Maiden grass can cause paper cuts when pruning back.

Transformation Tuesday 03/26/19

This transformation was a newly built house that had nothing but dirt and weeds for a backyard. The client wanted low maintenance and clean but lush look. First, we removed all the weeds and laid the main tubing down for the irrigation. We planted a lot of xeric plants to give the client that lush look while being water-wise. We didn’t plant anything within several feet of the flagstone patio to prevent the yard from ever looking overgrown and cluttered. Next, we placed a couple of dry river beds to help the water leave the yard and to prevent any water damage to the landscape. Clumping the purple plants in groups of threes (Russian sage and two different varieties of lavender) allowed empha

Question of the Week 03/23/19

Q: Do you have to use a blower on the property during your visits? A: We understand how some people can find the use of a blower annoying. We have clients who do not want us to use the blower while they are home. Instead, we sweep by hand which takes most of the visit (man-hours assigned) depending on the property size. This prevents us from completing our usual tasks on the property and can be more costly for the client. Using blowers allows us to clear debris efficiently and effectively from your property in a reasonable amount of time. If you do not want us to use blowers on your property please call the office to discuss adding additional time to each visit so we can keep your property l

Plant of the Week 03/22/19

Allgold Broom Cytisus x praecox (C.multiflorus x C. purgans) ‘Allgold’ - Zone 6-9 Long green branches with tiny leaves bloom throughout the spring. The yellow pea-like flowers are stunning in both their quantity and beauty. Adaptable to most well-drained soils. A fast grower that can reach 6’ tall and wide. Plant in full sun and water regularly for best growth. Cut back a third to two thirds after flowering to promote healthy spring growth. An easy-care shrub that looks great in groupings as well as alone, it is sure to be a great addition to any yard.

Transformation Tuesday 03/19/19

This week, we take a plain old concrete sidewalk and make the entire area look a bit more Santa Fean! Our client was not too thrilled with the current sidewalk - we started off with cutting flagstone to fit the top of the concrete. In addition, a moss rock edging was installed with the existing sidewalk. Gravel, some new trees, shrubs, and a few perennials were added around the small flagstone patio and water feature. Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Question of the Week 03/16/19

Spring is around the corner! Here's this week's, Question of the week: Q: Can I plant tulips bulbs now in spring? A: Tulips are a spring-blooming bulb that needs to be planted in the fall. Tulips need a cold period (about 14 weeks) in order to properly develop their flowers. But if you are in the mood for planting bulbs don’t worry! There are a few types of bulbs you can plant in the spring that will bloom that summer. Gladiolus, dahlias and elephant ears are a great addition to any yard and can be planted after the last frost. We love your questions. Send any you have our way!

Plant of the Week 03/15/19

Eastern snowball, Viburnum opulus ‘Sterile” - Zone 3-8 A multitude of snow white flowers shaped like snowballs cover this unique shrub from late spring to early summer. In the fall the glossy green leaves fade into a reddish-purple hue. Eastern snowball is a moderate grower that can reach 12’ tall and 10’ wide. Plant in partial to full sun with regular watering. Tolerant of most soils. Should be pruned after flowering to maintain shape and size.

Transformation Tuesday 03/12/19

Our client needed something to add a bit more interest as well as break up the flagstone a bit. We decided on this water feature - a circle was cut into the existing flagstone. Next, the water fountain was installed in addition with a few perennials around it. The sound of trickling water from the fountain sure made this yard nice and relaxing. Happy Tuesday!

Question of the Week 03/09/19

Q: What services do I receive with a maintenance contract? A: With a maintenance contract you are receiving a certain amount of man hours based on your individual contract. The time is used to deadhead plants, pull weeds, rake gravel and beds, water if needed, blow the property, remove debris and make your property look as nice as it can within the allotted time period. Our crew will get as much done as they can each visit. If there is anything special relating that you want to be completed during your visit, please let the crew know when they get there. If you want your property fertilized or additional plants added please call the office and let Phil know so we can get the materials needed

Plant of the Week 03/08/19

Heavenly Bamboo (Nandina domestica) - Zone 6-9 Green foliage on bamboo like stems produces tiny off white flowers that turn into bright red berries. In the fall the foliage turns a beautiful red. Plant in groups for dramatic color changes as the season's change. Works great as privacy screens since Heavenly Bamboo is an evergreen. Plant in partial to full sun and in well-drained soil. A moderate, narrow grower that can reach 8' tall and 3' wide. Can be pruned in early spring to control growth. Water regularly for best growth, tolerates mild drought.

Transformation Tuesday 03/05/19

Once in a blue moon, when we get really excited with a project, we forget to take before pictures - so for this week, you will just have to trust us! This particular property was overgrown with weeds and the old fence was in pretty bad shape. We did a basic clean up first and installed a brand new fence. Next, we started building up the landscape by adding blocks around the trees and installed a flagstone patio. As always, bark and mulch were used to finish up the project. Simple but very clean and attractive!

A Maintenance Checklist

Happy March! So many of our blogs are focused on the how and what of landscaping that we thought this would be a good time to go over what will happen with your yard after your landscaping is completed. Picture this: you finally have your dream backyard completed. The roses are the color you want, the irrigation will take care of the watering for you, and the rock water feature helps you relax as you watch the sunset. But how do you maintain your newly landscaped yard? Let’s break down the upkeep of your beautiful new yard over the course for a year using a seasonal checklist to help simplify this task. Keep in mind that this is a general how-to; some yards may require more or less tasks dep

Question of the week 03/02/19

Q: What does 3 man hours per maintenance visit mean? A: Three man-hours are divided by the number of workers on the property. In other words, you will receive 1 clock hour of labor with three workers, 1.5 clock hours of work with two workers, or 3 hours of work with 1 worker. We try to have three workers on your property, but with scheduling, sick days, and other factors sometimes we can only get two workers. We very rarely have one worker on a property unless it is for specialized work (planting pots, some irrigation work etc.). Hopefully, that clarifies some terminology! Send us more questions that you may have.

Plant of the week 03/01/19

Cotoneaster dammeri 'Coral Beauty' - Zone 5-10 Coral Beauty Cotoneaster is a plant we enjoy using in our landscape designs since it provides year-round interest. White flowers in the spring are followed by coral red berries that add to the beauty of this plant until late winter. In the summer the red berries and green foliage make this groundcover truly unique. In the winter the red berries help brighten up the yard with some color. Plant in full sun and water regularly for best growth. This fast-growing groundcover can reach 2-3' tall and 6' wide. Coral Beauty Cotoneaster can be pruned after flowering to maintain shape.

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