Transformation Tuesday 04/30/2019

We can't emphasize that sometimes, simple is best! This particular project had a juniper that had become overgrow in a small flowerbed and quite frankly, was not very attractive. The juniper was removed and was replaced with a "dry rivered" stream, a few perennials, and a nice small shrub. Weed barrier and 3/8" sunset rose gravel were the final touches to add a better curb appeal. Have a wonderful Tuesday and we will see you next week!

Question of the Week 04/27/2019

Q: I have too many weeds on my property. Can you guys spray some Round Up® on it? A: We do not spray Round up ® or any chemical herbicides on any properties. This is a company policy in order to protect the health and safety of our employees. Please contact the office to discuss alternative options for weed control.

Plant of the Week 04/26/2019

Aegopodium podagraria 'Variegatum' - Zone 4-9 Green and white foliage add some brightness and life to those fully shaded areas. Small white flowers bloom in spring but don’t add much to this leafy groundcover. Deer resistant.Plant in full to partial shade. A faster grower that can reach 10" high but will need some maintenance from spreading too much. Spreads via underground roots. This plant is susceptible to spider mites due to its tender foliage.

Transformation Tuesday 04/23/2019

This project started off with a simple patio with an outdoor table and set of chairs placed on gravel. The existing flagstone patio next to the house was quite uneven which didn't allow the table to be placed on top without it acting like a rocking chair :). We removed the old stone, utilizing it in another area of the yard, brought in some more flagstone, and constructed a small patio off of the back porch with a few stepping stones leading to it. The old gravel was removed and recycled by using it to spruce up the front driveway. A weed barrier was laid down with new gravel to give this backyard a clean and simple finish. Have a wondeful Tuesday!

Question of the Week 04/20/2019

A little clarification never hurt! Q: Why do your men ring the doorbell when you get here during your planned maintenance visit? Don’t you know what needs to get done? A: We like to let our clients know when we arrive so if they have any special instructions for the day they can communicate them with the supervisor at the beginning of the visit rather than at the end. If there are no special instructions, simply let the supervisor know and they will get started with the regular maintenance. Don't hesitate to contact the office if you have any questions, concerns, or comments! We strive our best to provide the most value to all our clients.

Plant of the Week 04/19/2019

Silver Heart Siberian Bugloss - Brunnera Macrophylla “Silver Heart”: Zone 4-9 A silver 'frost' coats most of the dark green, heart-shaped leaves to create this shimmery low growing plant. Tiny blue flowers emerge in spring to provide additional beauty. Plant in full shade to filtered sun and water often to prevent this plant from drying out. Can slowly reach 1' tall and 2' wide. Works great as a ground cover and is deer resistant. Space 12-18" apart to create a beautiful carpet of 'frost' groundcover for those hard to fill shaded areas.

Transformation Tuesday 04/16/2019

In this week's Transformation Tuesday, our client wanted to complete their landscape that had been started several years ago. The client wasn’t too sure what she wanted, but she knew she wanted her yard to look finished. We started off by creating a custom circular moss-rock flowerbed as a focal point when you first enter the yard. The client had a piece of petrified wood that added height since she only wanted low growing plants in the flowerbed. We removed all the weeds and most of the plants from the yard. Next was to level the dirt to an even, downward slope. We laid down a layer of weed barrier to help control erosion and to prevent the dirt from mixing with the gravel. Dry river beds w

Question of the Week 04/13/2019

Q: What is the worm looking things coming out of my aspens buds? A: They are catkins, which is the flower of the aspen tree. The male flower (which releases the pollen) is shorter and has a fuzzy caterpillar look to it. The female flower (which produces seeds after being pollinated) is longer, green, and has what looks like cotton coming out of it. The seeds have a cotton tail to them to allow them to be scattered by the wind. The picture on the left is a male catkin after it has started releasing pollen. The picture on the right is a female catkin releasing seeds. Send us anything you want to be answered!

Plant of the Week 04/12/2019

Iris sibirica 'Chilled Wine' - Zone 4-9 Stunning purple and cobalt colored blooms emerge from long thin foliage during the Spring. Plant in full sun and water regularly for best growth. A moderate grower that can reach 2' tall and 18" wide. Divide clumps every 5 years to prevent excessive spreading. Adapts to most well-drained soils. Siberian Iris' long thin foliage resembles ornamental grass blades more than the shorter thicker Iris blades. This leaves a more beautiful look after the blooms disappear.

Transformation Tuesday 04/09/2019

Good morning Santa Fe! This week, we take a look at a backyard that was overrun by weeds and dirt. The client we worked with started off the project off with the construction of a beautiful water feature, fire pit, and installation of character boulders - then we took over. From this point, we constructed flowerbeds using landscape block and created a large flagstone patio with 2" gaps between; these gaps were filled with 3/8" sunset rose gravel. After planting perennials and shrubs, we finished the flowerbeds with superdura red bark and finished off the rest of the yard with walk-on bark. Now, the couple we worked with has a backyard they can really enjoy!

How To Properly Plant a New Plant!

Happy April from Desert Rose! In this month's blog we are going to review the process of how to properly plant a new plant. Although it may seem simple; dig a hole, put the plant in and you are done, but in reality this simplification does not lead to good results. By properly planting, you can give your plants the best possible start, not just growing but thriving and producing beautiful blooms and foliage. The following instructions apply to planting a 1 gallon plant but can be used for almost any kind of planting. As a reminder, if you are planting a tree that is B&B (ball and burlap) be sure to remove as much wire and twine from the rootball after placing the rootball in the hole. The bu

Question of the Week 04/06/2019

Q: My pinion tree's needles are turning yellow and falling off - it has little small dark dots all over the yellow needles. What do I do? A: It sounds like you have scale on your pinion. The small dark dots are actually little bugs attacking the needles. We suggest spraying with dormant oil and following the directions on the bottle. Desert Rose does not apply pesticides so if you do not wish to spray, contact an arborist or pest control.

Plant of the Week 04/05/2019

Black Eyed Susan Rudbeckia triloba - Zone 4-8 Clumps of vibrant yellow flowers with a dark brown center explode above dark green leaves. Black Eyed Susan has a long bloom time from mid-summer to early fall. The vibrant flowers attract butterflies, bees and other pollen loving insects. Remove spent flowers to promote more blooms. A fast grower that can reach 4’ tall and 18”wide. Plant in full sun with regular watering for best growth adaptable to most soils. You may have to divide the plant every few years to prevent excessive spreading.

Transformation Tuesday 04/02/2019

This week, we take a look at a backyard with a very unique project in mind. Our client wanted a large patio with brick instead of extending the current flagstone patio. After removing the old flagstone and grass, we leveled the area with the base course and outlined with a basic brick patio pattern. The finished patio had plenty of room for a table, chairs, and a smoker. We finished off the remainder of the yard with perennials, shrubs, 3/8" sunset rose gravel and converted the current irrigation from sprinkler to a drip system. We hope you enjoyed this weeks project!

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