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Question of the Week 02/03/2018

Question Of The Week addresses more of those pesky weeds!

Q: Last year I had a lot of weeds and I could not keep up with them. Is there anything I can do to get a head start on them this season?

A: Yes, you can apply a pre-emergent to the area. A pre-emergent herbicide is a type of weed killer that prevents seeds from sprouting.

Unlike normal herbicides that are used when the weed has fully sprouted, it is meant to stop weeds from growing in the first place by spraying or spreading a chemical onto the soil so that weeds have difficulty placing down their roots.

Timing is everything when using a pre-emergent. Read the instructions on the bottle. Let me repeat - timing is everything. It won’t work once the seed has germinated.

You can purchase a pre-emergent at your local home and garden center.

NOTE: Desert Rose does not offer this as a service.

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