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Transformation Tuesday 07/23/2019

This project started off with an existing beautiful flagstone pathway, but a very empty yard. Our client wanted a lush, colorful, and almost overwhelming yard to walk out to everyday.

We started by planting a lot of different types of plants - Aspens for immediate height and a Desert Willow for eventual height. Trumpet Vines, Yarrows, Agastache, Yuccas, Catmint, Penstemon, May Night Salvia, Powis Castle and Jupiters Beard, were planted, just to name some of plants.

All the plants selected were chosen not just for their colors, but for their lower water requirements to help keep this yard water efficient. A moss rock border for the flowerbed helps to keep the yard from being over powered by the amount of gravel. Irrigation was run to all the plants and bark was placed in the flowerbeds to help with the water efficiency of this luscious yard.

Once the project was complete, it was hard for the client and us to believe this was the same yard!

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