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Transformation Tuesday 08/27/2019

The client at this house had an area between the road and an arching driveway that was in need of T.L.C. There were also culverts and a dirt channel that was running along the road that added to the eyesore.

Our client wanted something that would add curb appeal to his house, while being low maintenance. Phil decided on this simple, yet beautiful design to fulfill the clients needs - we started off by slightly sloping the area to give it a smoother appearance.

Several low grow Sumac, Brake Light Yuccas, Russian sage, and Lavenders were planted for a good mix of added colors and textures to the area. We laid weed barrier and used 5/8" Sunset Rose gravel to greatly contrast the 7/8" Santa Fe Brown in the driveway.

Some dirt was removed from the dirt channel and made it more of u-shape - by doing this, we could turn it into a functioning dry river bed. We placed a couple yards of large river rock to upgrade the appearance of this area.

Several character stones were added to complete the look of this project. The client enjoyed the way it looked and loved the fact it was low maintenance.

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