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Transformation Tuesday 09/24/19

We were directed to design and landscape a side courtyard off of the master bedroom. Our client didn’t have any special instructions except that she wanted something that would eliminate the dirt and mud from the yard.

The house had an existing flagstone pathway to the master bedroom as well as a flagstone entryway to the guest room. Phil designed a large flagstone patio that would eliminate the dirt and mud, as well as connect the master bedroom to the guest room for easy accessibility from outside.

We got the same color of flagstone and got to work. The first step was to start cutting the flagstone to fit the area. Once the cuts were made, the mossrock was brought in to create the border.

The mossrock border had two functions: to create a barrier to prevent the sand from spilling out from the edge of the flagstone and to create a flowerbed. Mossrock was placed several inches below grade and was cut to fit the next piece. The main line of irrigation was run to the flower bed for both water efficiency and ease of care for the home owner.

We tamped the ground several times with a jumping jack tamper and spread several inches of sand as a base for the flagstone. Once the flagstone was laid down and leveled, it was onto the flowerbed. Phil designed the flowerbed to have a variety of heights, textures, and colors to create a beautiful garden bed the client could see from the master bedroom.

Roses, Pampas Grass, Lavenders, Catmint, Agastache, and Lamb's Ear were some of the plants selected. Once planted, irrigation was run to each plant. Next, we spread red bark to help create some contrast against the lighter colored flagstone and the earth colored block wall. The project was complete and client was happy with how it look and even happier she didn’t have to deal with mud anymore!

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