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Transformation Tuesday 10/08/2019

This week, we are going to focus mainly on planting!

Our client has a side courtyard with some plants that didn’t make it through the winter. They wanted it to look lush with lots of purple flowers.

We started by removing the dead plants and bringing in the new ones. Different varieties of Lavender, Catmint, Pine-Leaf Penstemon, Ornamental Oregano, Salvia and

Sandcherry shrubs were used to give the yard plenty of height and texture differences. We raked the gravel into piles to avoid mixing the dirt and gravel. The soil was amended with a composted cotton burr blend and applied a very light fertilizer.

The current irrigation system was extended to water the plants, and we made small posas (mounds) around the plants to allow the water to soak into the soil every time the plant was watered.

We finished off the job by spreading the gravel back, watering the plants, and using the blowers to clean up the mess.

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