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Transformation Tuesday 11/12/2019

This transformation Tuesday is phase one of a two phase project. The second phase will be completed in spring 2020.

For the first phase of this project, our client wanted the pathway that forks off of the flagstone steps (broken flagstone) to be more defined. Ultimately, they wanted to define where the yard would be but in a way to not make it feel like it was sectioned off from the rest of the property.

The first thing that needed to get done was to clear out the weeds and wild grass that was growing in the areas where the work would be done. Once the vegetation was cleared out, we began extending the moss rock flower bed. We added a large curve to the moss rock bed to accommodate the large, existing tree and to help keep the moss rock flowerbed from looking too uniform and straight.

We back filled the flowerbed with amended soil so the planting in phase two will go a lot smoother and have a good base of dirt. The next step was to address the dirt pathway the client had wanted more defined. We put three pieces of flagstone to help fork off a pathway via the existing steps. A step (the moss rock flowerbed) was also added to keep the pathway flush with the new flowerbed.

To help transition from a landscaped area to a more natural space, boulders were placed from large to small to continue the defined pathway into the rest of the clients property.

The next step was to dig the holes for the split rail fend and get all the rails in place. Once the posts were set, phase one of this transformation was complete!

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