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Question of the Week 02/01/2020

Q: What are the pros and cons of using a color dyed bark vs natural bark?

A: Natural bark (in particular shredded red cedar) has some advantages over colored bark.

Red cedar contains natural oils that acts as a deterrent to most pests. This can help prevent pests from laying eggs in the mulch and create a healthier environment for your plants. It also smells great and can give your yard a woodsy smell for a little while. Natural colored bark is best for yards that want to keep a natural look.

Dyed barks can give a dramatic appearance and comes in a few different colors (red, brown, and black). One thing to be aware of is the bark can transfer the dye to other surfaces. Several years back a client had wanted us to touch up the red bark at her house. It is something that we had been doing for several years with no issues.

Shortly after completing the work, we received a call from the client - her freshly groomed, white dog ran into the bark, rolled around and came inside looking like Clifford! So just keep this in mind.

Both natural and colored bark are great for any yard and what it truly comes down to is the look you are trying to give to your yard and take into consideration if you have any white pets!

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