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Weekly Tip 04/14/2020

So, what ARE the main differences?

The biggest difference between licensed and non-licensed contractors is the risk you personally take when hiring one or the other. Landscapers hired to do work at your home or business should at minimum have a business license issued by the city or county in addition to general liability, and worker’s compensation for their employees.

They should be able provide you with a copy of their license and proof of insurance (i.e. workers compensation and general liability) can be sent directly from their insurance company to you.

Other certifications includes appropriate licensing with the New Mexico Construction Industries Division, such as:

1. MS-06 (related to sprinkler system installation and maintenance): Private citizens can check with the New Mexico Construction Industries Division website to find out if contractors are licensed to do sprinkler work. A bond is also required if they hold a license with Construction Industries Division.

2. License from the New Mexico Department of Agriculture if they buy and resell plant material. Prospective clients can check with New Mexico Department of Agriculture to see if they are licensed to purchase and sell plant material.

If something goes wrong, it is you who will be paying the price.

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