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Plant of the Week 05/29/2020

Pink Nodding Onion Allium cernuum Zone 2-7

Beautiful, pink bell shaped flowers are clumped together to form one large flower. The foliage is flat and resembles grass. This edible plant can grow up to 18" tall with the flower "nodding" about 1 foot above the vegetation. Strong onion aroma is released whenever the plant is rubbed.

The blooms can be put in salads and the onion bulb can be dug up and eaten. Once the blooms are spent, attractive seed-heads stay behind. Leave seed-heads until early spring to allow the plant to spread if so desired, if not cut the flower once it is spent.

Keep in mind the seeds are very viable and this plant can quickly take over gardens. Native to New Mexico and can be found in the wild. Plant in full sun and water regularly for best growth.

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