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Plant of the Week 06/26/2020

Rocky Mountain Beeplant Cleome Serrulata Zone 3-7

Tall, skinny stems bloom from bottom to top which provide a long bloom period. Blooms are numerous small, light purple flowers with extremely long pistils that create a beautiful, wispy plant.

Long, seed pods that resemble bean stalks begin to appear after the flowers are spent. This only makes the plant look more beautiful since the bean stalks are complimented by the blooms on the top of the plant. Does best in full sun and prefers well drained soils.

Blooms midsummer to early fall. Can reach 5' tall and spread a few feet wide. This is a native plant that is an annual and does not come back year after year. Allow plant to reseed itself by not cutting it down until seed pods have opened so you can have more plants the following year.

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