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Plant of the Week 01/15/2021


Zone 3-8

Crocus is a large group of similar flowers that come in many colors! These colors include purple, pink, yellow, red, and orange. Thin, green, sword-like leaves emerge in early spring (sometimes emerging through the snow), followed by tender, colorful flowers. The purple ones are our favorite! The plant is short and only reaches 2-4 inches tall, so it's best to plant them in the front of your flower bed.

Plant bulbs 2-3 inches deep, and plant in large groups, spaced a few inches apart, for a dramatic effect. The best time to plant is 6-8 weeks before a hard frost (usually September-October). Crocus need full sun to partial shade, which makes them ideal for almost anywhere in your garden.

Water regularly during growing season. Deer, squirrel, and rabbit resistant. Cut back to about one inch when blooms and foliage fade.


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