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Plant of the Week 01/29/2021

Hyacinth Hyacinthus orientalis Zone 4-8

Spikes of colorful flowers will catch your eyes and a sweet, fragrant scent will fill your nose as you walk by these spring stunners! Dark green leaves that resemble stems add a smooth texture to contrast against the exploding star-like flowers. Comes in a variety of colors including white, yellow, pink, red, apricot, lavender-blue, and purple!

Plant in full sun to partial shade. Flowers reach up 12" tall and foliage reaches 9" wide. Plant in September-October, 4-6" deep and spaced at least 3 inches apart and along pathways or in large groups for best results.

Make sure to wear gloves when handling the bulbs since they contain oxalic acid (a skin irritant). Water occasionally, being careful not to overwater, which will cause the bulbs to get root rot. Once the flowers are spent, cut the stem down to about 1 inch above ground. Leave the foliage to shrivel up - this allows the plant to gather energy for next year's bloom. Once the foliage turns brown you can remove it.


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