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Question of the Week 11/07/2020

Q: What is the difference between Mini-paws and Pop-up sprinklers? I'm not sure which one to use. A: Mini-paws are a downsized version of Maxi-paws. They shoot a stream of water that is chopped every second or so to split the stream inter smaller droplets. Mini-paws can shoot very far distances and cover a lot of area with few sprinklers. Mini-paws have a distinct sound to them that can be faintly heard inside a house. Pop up sprinklers have a built in diffuser that breaks the water into small droplets to reach predetermined lengths. You usually need several pop up sprinklers to properly cover an area that two maxi-paws can cover. Pop up sprinklers are almost completely silent and can run early in the morning without disturbing your sleep. In general, smaller lawns use pop-ups and for larger lawns mini-paws are used.


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