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Question of the Week: Yucca Care Tips!

Q: How to take care of a yucca? Should we remove dead leaves? How much water does it need?

A: To care for your yucca plant, prune dead, hanging leaves in the spring. After the flowers have finished blooming and started to wither, cut flower stalks down to the ground. Don't worry, you can safely prune your yucca at any time of the year without causing harm.

Yuccas are quite drought-tolerant! You don't need to water them regularly unless there's a hot, dry spell. For newly planted yuccas, water every two to three weeks during the first growing season only.

Looking for a yucca-like plant without the hard spikes? Consider Hesperaloe parvilflora (red yucca) or Nolina (Bear grass). Both have softer spikes and offer beautiful blooms.


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