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Transformation Tuesday 04/06/2021

Our client has a house in Eldorado with plenty of property. They wanted to have some of their land sectioned off to be landscaped and manicured while leaving the rest of the property natural. The client also had a coyote fence that was older they wanted to be replaced, as well as the firewood, moved to another location.

The first step in this transformation was to move the firewood, the wooden flowerbed, and then the coyote fence. In order to give this area a clear, dividing line between the landscaped area and the natural area, a split rail fence was used. A split rail fence is a great way to enclose an area without it feeling "enclosed".

The next step was to remove the natural vegetation from the area and level it out. We brought a large variety of plants including Lavenders, Blue Mist Spirea, Miscanthus grass, and Trumpet vines (to climb on the coyote fence).

Flagstone steps were cut to make a pathway around the house. We also placed a moss rock border around the tree. Once the weedbarrier was pinned down, we brought in the gravel. The flagstone steps were laid and leveled and this transformation was complete!


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