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Transformation Tuesday 04/27/2021

Our client had a yard that was landscaped in some areas, but it left them desiring more. There are beautiful glass windows on the lower level of their house, but every time they would look out they saw weeds and dirt. The client wanted a flowerbed outside of the window with lots of plants and bark. They also wanted the wild grass removed from the flagstone pathway that connected the back gate to the backdoor.

The first step was to remove all the wild vegetation that gave the yard an unruly look. Using flat shovels and picks we removed the vegetation, then raked and hauled it out. This really helped to bring out the flagstone steps that were lost behind all the wild growth.

Next was to trench the area where the moss rock flowerbeds were going to be placed and a double flowerbed was built into the natural slope of the yard. We used a Karl Forester grass for height and for color, we used Yarrow, Rock Penstemon, Agastache, Hardy Plumbego, Lavander and Blue Mist Spirea.

The flowerbed got plenty of sunlight - all of these plants would thrive! We spread walk on bark and watered the plants.

The transformation was complete!

The client loved their new view from inside the house and couldn’t wait to see how the side yard would turn out. Keep an eye out for in the next few week's transformations to see how the side yard came out!


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