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Transformation Tuesday: 06/08/2021

This side yard needed a complete makeover. It had moss rock loosely placed at the corner of the yard to section off the side yard from the backyard. The area was also covered with dull grey gravel combined with the grey bark from the coyote fence made the area feel dark and unwelcoming. Our client wanted gravel that would pop and brighten up the area, as well as lots of colorful plants! The area would also flood whenever it would rain and that would be addressed by installing a dry river bed that would divert water away from the house. Lastly, the client wanted more flagstone steps so that the pathway would continue through the side yard and connect the gate to the back door. The first step in this transformation was to remove the moss rock that was placed to section off the yard. Next, we started to rake the grey gravel into piles, loaded it into wheelbarrows, and removed it from the yard. Once all the gravel was removed it was time to start trenching. We designed the riverbed to slope under the coyote fence, which guided the water into the field behind the house. The single stack moss rock flower bed needed to be trenched and the moss rock brought in. Once the outline was trenched we placed the large moss rock into the trench, leveled it, and tamped the dirt around the rock to lock it into place.

To add color to the yard we designed the flowerbed to have Hardy Plumbago, Agastache, Blue Mist Spireas, Rock Penstemon, Beebalm, Yarrows, and Lavender. In addition, to help break up the greys in the fence, we added oversized trellis and planted honeysuckle. As the honeysuckle grows, large walls of green foliage with yellow and white flowers will cover the fence. Bark was used to cover the bed to help prevent weeds and reduce evaporation.

Since the client wanted brighter colored gravel we decided to go with ½” Santa Fe Brown gravel. We rolled out a weed barrier over the entire area and spread the gravel. Next, we brought in the river rock to finish the dry river bed. The last step was to cut and level the flagstone steps and this transformation was complete! The client was thrilled with how much the side yard was brightened up and looks forward to seeing the honeysuckles grow!


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