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Transformation Tuesday 07/06/2021

The client's house had a heavily sloped backyard that had been landscaped with railroad ties. This helped to break the yard into leveled sections, however, some of the railroad ties were starting to warp and the client didn’t care for the look of the railroad ties!

Our client also wanted to be able to access different parts of the yard without having to walk through the vegetation and mud. Lastly, the client wanted the three Texas Sage plants to be removed but wanted the Lilac bushes to stay.

Since this was a winter project, we had to work with Mother Nature; once the railroad ties thawed, they were easily removed. Next was to clear out the vegetation, including the Texas Sages, trench out where the retaining wall would go, and level out the area.

Once all of the above was done it was time to bring in the landscape block. We really enjoy using this style and brand of landscape block. Not only is it high quality, heavy, durable, and beautiful, it is also enjoyable to work with.

Since the blocks come in three different lengths (small, medium, and large) it allows more possibilities with the shape and design of the wall. It might be hard to tell in the picture but we made a 2 block high wall adjoined to the wooden deck. This gave us an even surface to put a flagstone pathway to allow the client to easily access the flagstone stairs.

All these areas were now connected, the client can easily walk to the desired areas of the yard without having to worry about mud or uneven surfaces. This transformation is a perfect example of how a hardscape can transform not only the look of your yard but also the functionality.


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