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Transformation Tuesday: Coyote Fences

Something as simple as a coyote fence can make all the difference in the world!

The property had a moderate slope, so a couple of things had to be taken into consideration while installing this coyote fence. But first things first, we needed to get a fence permit from the city which includes inspections of the footings and fence. While we were waiting for the permit, we used that time to gather the materials.

The posts are typically spaced 6 feet apart, with cross beams to act as a foundation to tie the latillas. Since this house had a slope, several different sizes of main posts had to be used. Shorter posts were placed on the right corner of the house, with the larger posts being placed on the left. The posts are placed 18 inches deep, leveled in all directions, and filled with cement.

At this point the inspector needs to sign off on the footings and once approved, we can continue the process. The cross beams were then attached and tied with double-spun wire to add extra rigidity. Next, tie the latillas to the cross beams one at a time. This creates a stronger fence, with less side-to-side leaning, as well as making it easier to replace any single latilla in the future.

The client wanted a natural-looking fence and did not want the tops to look even. We also prefer to install fences like this, since the fences that are perfectly level on top look unnatural and too manicured. To achieve this, as we tie the latillas, we need to cut each one to match the grade of the property, so once again the right side of the fence was shorter than the left. This helps to make the fence look more level (on the top) and creates a more uniform look. One thing we needed to take into consideration was the need to leave access to the gas meter. This is a simple adjustment that involves a little cutting, as well as tying the cut latilla to the latilla next to it.

The client was happy with the newfound privacy they had, as well as how the fence improved the overall look of the property.


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