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Transformation Tuesday: From Squeeze to Spacious

Get ready for some serious yard transformation inspiration! Our latest project involved a client who wanted to improve a tricky area in their yard. With some thoughtful design work, we got to work on the transformation step by step.

First, we removed the old pavers and rock border, and then cleaned up the vegetation from the area. Next, we used landscape blocks to create an elevated step, which was designed to be a step above the existing brick step. Once the caps were placed on the block, we cut the flagstone for the pathway. This beautiful flagstone pathway provides a level, smooth pathway that eliminates the trip hazard that the previous pavers presented.

To soften the texture under the pinion tree, we spread bark in the area instead of using gravel. Finally, we spread gravel on the lower level, and the transformation was complete! The finished result not only looks stunning, but it also makes the yard feel more spacious and provides safer, easier access for the homeowner.


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