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Transformation Tuesday: Heavy Hot Tubs

Our client had an empty courtyard that was nothing but dirt, with the exception of a not-too-healthy Locust tree. (There was an outdoor fireplace that the client had hired a contractor to redo with stucco). The goal was to install a large flagstone patio surrounding the fireplace to enjoy the fireplace during summer nights. In addition, pavers were set in the ground to place a hot tub.

Once the contractor finished the fireplace it was time to get to work! We removed the Locust tree, leveled out the area using a mini-tractor, and trenched the main irrigation lines. Since this was a large patio, we used several pallets of flagstone. The flagstone on the pallets can come in sizes as large as 5'x3' and weigh a couple hundred pounds.

We take took large pieces and move them to the working area and cut them into more appropriate sizes. Next, we chiseled the pieces by hand to remove the straight cut left from using the grinder. We began to lay the flagstone on the sand and fit them together. After all the pieces are set we fill in the cracks with sand to help prevent shifting and to give it a finished look.

The pavers were next - since the amount of water that goes into a hot tub can add an extreme amount of weight to the ground, we tamped the ground numerous times to ensure the pavers would stay level and not sink. Crusher fines were spread, compacted again, and then placed a layer of sand was. The pavers were then leveled and installed.

The final step was planting! We used a variety of plants such as Penstemons, Butterfly bushes, Roses, Yarrows, Karl Foresters, and an apricot tree. We ran irrigation to the plants, rolled out the weed barrier, and spread the gravel. The finishing touch was to add a character stone in front of the Karl Forester grass and this transformation was complete!


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