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Transformation Tuesday: Part II - Welcoming Water Feature

This area of our client’s yard was fairly empty. The aged railroad ties and lack of plants made the area feel unwelcoming.

We started with removing the railroad ties and rock border. Next, we went to work on leveling, cutting, and stacking the landscape block. Once the caps were cut and glued, it was time to work on the water feature.

We trenched out the area where the water features reservoir would go and installed the liner, followed by the base for the water feature. Next was the support and the thick metal mesh, then, lastly the rock.

Planting was next! Agastache, Karl Forester, Lavender, Tickseed, and Cotoneaster were used to fill in this area. We spread bark on the upper level of the flowerbed and used 3/8" Pueblo Rose for everything else, including the ground level of the yard. The area's transformation was complete!

The client loved how much more open and alive this area looked. Keep an eye out for next week's transformation Tuesday to see how the rest of the yard progresses.


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