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Transformation Tuesday: Small Project, Big Results

In this week's Transformation Tuesday, we can see how even the smallest of projects can have a big impact on your yard. The client had a corner in their yard that they wanted to dress up and it into a focal point with a flower bed. The client had some blocks that they used to outline the area and used that outline design to improve on it. Once we got the client's approval it was time to get started!

First, we brought in high-quality landscape blocks; the block we use comes in three different sizes: small, medium, and large widths. This creates a beautiful, unique-looking wall. After all the block was brought in it was time to remove the gravel from the area. We used hard rakes to create a pile that we could reuse when we finished.

Next, we needed to trench the area where the block would go. Blockwork needs to be at least half its height below grade, as well as being level. This provides structural support for the rest of the blocks. Landscape glue was used to hold down the custom-cut capstones. This glue is specifically designed to be used outdoors on landscape blocks.

The final touch was to bring in mixed dirt to fill in the flowerbed. This dirt is amended with mulch and other organic matter in order to improve the quality of soil so the plants have the best chance of growing. The dirt was lightly tamped down to eliminate any air pockets and the gravel racked back in place and this transformation was complete! The client loved the look of the wall and couldn’t wait to fill the flower bed in with plants!


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