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Transformation Tuesday: Teamwork With Contractors

The client wanted a backyard that would give them room for entertaining and have a classy, high-end look. Once the third-party contractor was finished with building the stucco wall and pergola it was our turn to help transform this yard. The first step was to clear out everything from the yard: flagstone was removed, the rock was taken out, and all the vegetation was cleared, and raked. Now, we had a perfect blank slate to start our work.

First steps - raised moss rock flower bed; the client wanted to use this flower bed as an area to grow vegetables since the area got plenty of sunlight, which made it ideal to use as a garden. The raised flower bed also added a nice elevated focal point in the yard, which helped to break up the stucco wall. The flagstone patio was next - it might be hard to tell in the picture, but the flagstone patio to the left is actually a raised patio.

We created this look with landscape blocks to help elevate the area. This gives the yard a unique feel, as well as helping to level out the natural slope of the yard. Brown metal edging was used to create a snake-like curving flower bed that helped to create an aesthetically pleasing dividing line between the gravel and the plants.

Coneflowers, Evening Primrose, Agastache, and Catmint were planted to give the home a nice, New Mexico feel. We also planted some Moonshine Yarrows below the window to give the client some immediate color as they gazed out their window during the growing season. Walk on bark was used in all the beds to help keep the moisture in and the weeds out.

Next, we needed to layout weed barrier in the area to be graveled. After the Pueblo Rose gravel was raked and leveled out, the last step was to add some flagstone steps for the client to easily access the other side of their home. This is one of our favorite transformations because the combined effort between the contractor and us helped to bring the client’s dream yard into reality. The client was thrilled with how their yard now looked and could wait to have their friends over!


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