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Transformation Tuesday: TONS of Gravel

The client had a blank slate for their front driveway and wanted it to be graveled, incorporating the mature cholla cactus that was already present. Our first step was to install mossrock borders along the sides of the driveway and around the cholla cactus to create a cactus island. We also made a border for the flowerbed near the entrance. Once the mossrock was cut, fitted, and installed, we started planting.

For the cactus island, we added Prickly Pear, Bear Grass, and a Rocky Mountain Juniper, and removed a couple of unhealthy cholla cacti. In the flowerbed near the entrance, we planted Karl Foresters for height and a mixture of Catmint and Moonshine Yarrow for color.

Finally, we spread TONS Pueblo Rose gravel for the island.



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